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The Stewart Family - Our Story




We are Antonio & Marcee Stewart. We have three wonderful kids (Alexis-10, Miranda-6, Joshua-5).

Our daughter Miranda suffered an anoxic brain injury at birth due to meconium aspiration. This journey initially has been quite a struggle for us. We did not know the significance of my daughterís disability until she was about 1 year of age. We have gone through the tedious process of doctors, and healthcare professionals not being forthcoming with us concerning Mirandaís disability. It was hard for us as parents sometimes to stay connected due to the demands of raising children. Let alone a child with special needs. However, we have agreed to stay committed to each other and our children throughout this journey we call life.

Organizations such as HOPE really provide an opportunity for parents of exceptional children a chance to reconnect with one another without being consumed with the daily demands of taking care of a child w/special needs. There are very few resources out there for parents to take advantage of. We believe that our children are a product of us. With that being said, if we as parents stay connected, and strive to secure a healthy relationship we can then provide healthy and happy lives for our children. Thank you HOPE for putting parents first. You are doing a great work in our community! We are so glad that we were one of the first recipients of HOPE!


Thank you letter to HOPE



Dear Moss family:

Thank you for allowing us to be one the first beneficiaries of HOPE. Your gift to us really meant a lot.

Due to the daily demands of parenting 3 children (one w/special needs), work, and finances there is barely enough time for us to come together. Being able to go on this beach vacation really allowed us to spend some quality time together and to reconnect. This time for us was much needed! I canít tell you the last time we were able to go away by ourselves. We feel that it is very important for parents of children w/special needs to stay connected in order to maintain a healthy relationship for themselves as well as their children.

We really appreciate this gift! We hope that HOPE will continue to flourish, and touch the lives of many other couples, as it did us. This means so much to us.

Antonio & Marcee Stewart