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Tree of HOPE 2021


Harkey Tile and Stone Golf fundraiser for HOPE 2021

HOPE for Parents (Helping Outcomes for Parents of Exceptional children) is an organization promoting healthy relationships for parents of children with disabilities by providing opportunities to engage in activities within their community. Providing parents with the opportunity to embrace and renew their partnership to be strong for their children and maintaining the family unit.

HOPE is a nonprofit organization founded September 28, 2008. HOPE was established to provide support to parents of children with disabilities. HOPE is a concept which has come a live from parents of a child with a disability. The parents recognized the struggle of parents like themselves to keep their relationship strong in the midst of fighting for the needs of their child. A sigh of relief is displayed when the child finally gets services to give the child that support. The question becomes what about the parents? How can these parents support their children, maintain their households and embrace their own relationships? Promoting couple time creates healthier relationships which in turn will promote the progression of the individual with disability to meet individual goals

Our Mission

How to access funds?
  • Fill out application
  • Must be a parent of a child with a disability
  • Must have a financial need
  • Will need to speak with someone from the HOPE reviewing committee

These events are events that can be completed in a few hours. They provide a relaxing time and then allows the parents to get back to their daily responsibilities. Future funding coming soon… Promoting couple time creates healthier relationships which in turn will promote the progression of the individual with disability to meet individual goals and overal life satisfaction.

Seminars and Workshops

Many times parents are told what their child’s diagnosis is whether Cerebral Palsy or Autism it is important to understand what that means for their child. The expectation will be that HOPE can provide the funding for these parents to get a better understanding of the disability and be able to ask professional’s questions that are unclear or that they have previously been too scared to ask.


Conferences provide information on the newest technology, support devices, equipments and a support system. Parents will come in contact with leaders in the disability community and have a chance to tell their story and get tips to support their individual better. Conferences also give parents some time together to focus on each other while becoming well informed parents.


stay with-in city. Money situations are really tight for many families who have children with disabilities. Parents need a chance to engage in romantic settings to relieve stress and to focus on each other while their individual is being supported. This stay with-in the city will allow the parents to be away from home but not have the anxiety of being out of reach if their child was to need them.


Day spa treatments would provide parents with opportunities to relieve stress together before having to deal with the day to day pressures and stressors of having a child with a developmental disability.


Download Application

  • Applicant must have a child with a developmental disability and be able to show proof.
  • Child with a developmental disability must live in home with applicant.

HOPE is a nonprofit program that was developed to support parents with children who have developmental disabilities. There is an understanding of the relationship struggles that exist with all couples but it seems to be amplified for parents with children who have developmental disabilities.

HOPE believes when parents take time to focus on each other they become better parents for their children. HOPE also believes that spending time away from children together can promote a healthier relationship. HOPE wants to contribute to the survival and successes of relationships which will in turn bring about the best from children who have developmental disabilities.

According to Public Law 106-402, a developmental disability:
  • Happens before the age of 22
  • Expected to last a lifetime
  • May be physical, cognitive or both
  • Limitations may exist in self-care, communication, learning, mobility, being able to work or live independently
  • Fill out application
  • Submit application to: 624 Belmorrow Dr. Charlotte NC 28214
  • HOPE application committee will review application within 90 days
  • Applicant(s) will be given response in writing

Note: HOPE desires to assist as many families as possible. Therefore receiving funds can only be requested and received once per year.

The HOPE application review committee reserves the right to request additional information or use discretion when reviewing any application. If you have any questions about the application process or HOPE requirements please feel free to contact HOPE at or 828-243-6171


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Nick & I just wanted to let you know how much fun we had this weekend. It was such a great, relaxing time - we both enjoyed ourselves immensely. The accommodations were fantastic, just what we needed. I want to thank you and the people at HOPE so very, very much for making this happen for us.

- Nick & Peggy Bennett

Having the opportunity to get away was not within my means financially. Every summer I tried to be optimistic about vacationing just to get me through the summer. I would tell myself that I’d wait until the rates went down or that I’d just go and stay at a hotel in town and pretend I was out of town. That didn’t make much senses being that my funds were very low. Being able to leave town and simply enjoy doing whatever I wanted to was such a blessing for me and I’m so very greatful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Donna Medley

I think more than anything that made this mini-vacation so great was that it was spontaneous. We never would have planned a trip away from the kids in less than a week’s time. We would have felt guilty taking off from work and asking friends to watch the kids…but because it was “given” to us, everyone jumped in to help make it work.

- Vanessa Infanzon