mission of HOPE

HOPE for Parents (Helping Outcomes for Parents of Exceptional children) is an organization promoting healthy relationships for parents of children with disabilities by providing opportunities to engage in activities within their community. Providing parents with the opportunity to embrace and renew their partnership to be strong for their children and maintaining the family unit.

Why hope

HOPE is a nonprofit organization founded September 28, 2008. HOPE was established to provide support to parents of children with disabilities. HOPE is a concept which has come a live from parents of a child with a disability. The parents recognized the struggle of parents like themselves to keep their relationship strong in the midst of fighting for the needs of their child. A sigh of relief is displayed when the child finally gets services to give the child that support. The question becomes what about the parents? How can these parents support their children, maintain their households and embrace their own relationships? Promoting couple time creates healthier relationships which in turn will promote the progression of the individual with disability to meet individual goals

What does HOPE offer?

Funding for events that can be completed in a few hours. They provide a relaxing time and then allows parents to get back to their daily responsibilities. Current funding is for events such as:

  • Movies
  • Dinner
  • Theater/Plays
  • Concerts

HOPE is here!