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Donna Medley says thank you to HOPE!



Dear Zondra,
Thank you so very much for the Myrtle Beach getaway. The time away was more than past due for me at this time in my life. This is my story. In 2001 I got married, and in 2004 I gave birth to my beautiful son Benjamin. He weighed 5lbs 12oz and was in the NICU for two months due to underdeveloped lungs. At 3 Ĺ months Benjamin had Tetralogy of Fallot heart surgery (he only had 3 chambers in his heart and a forth one had to be created). After the surgery he came home a different child and I found out he had hypotonia (low muscle tone), it resembles floppy cerebral palsy. He couldnít sit up or stand, nor could he perform hand to mouth activities any longer. My life was changed forever. Within a year, my husband and I separated, which later ended in a divorce. By the age of two, Benjamin had stopped taking in enough food to sustain him, and had to have a feeding tube inserted to supplement his caloric intake. Allergies soon set in and with it came respiratory issue that go from good to bad within hours, and many sleepless nights at the hospital. Heís now 5 years old and getting stronger everyday. Iím very proud of him.

Having the opportunity to get away was not within my means financially. Every summer I tried to be optimistic about vacationing just to get me through the summer. I would tell myself that Iíd wait until the rates went down or that Iíd just go and stay at a hotel in town and pretend I was out of town. That didnít make much senses being that my funds were very low. Being able to leave town and simply enjoy doing whatever I wanted to was such a blessing for me and Iím so very greatful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Blessings to you,
Donna Medley