Helping Outcomes for Parents of Exceptional Children



HOPE is pleased and honored that you as an individual, your company or organization is interested in raising funds to support the mission and vision of HOPE. HOPE wants to make sure that the integrity of HOPE’s mission and vision are honored with any event planned for HOPE. HOPE also wants to be sure that no other organization or individual are belittled in this process.

Benefit requirements for HOPE
1 Event is consistent with HOPE’s mission and vision
2 HOPE has the right to approve all publicity containing HOPE’s name.

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On behalf of HOPE families, thank you for selecting HOPE as the receiver of your hard work and dedication to HOPE.

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Agreement of Responsibility HOPE accepts no liability of any kind for any action or activity resulting from the effort of your organizations on our behalf. The event organization agrees to indemnify and hold the above named party harmless for any claims for damages or injuries.


Please mail all proceeds as soon as possible to the Helping Outcomes for Parents of Exceptional Children, 624 Belmorrow Dr. Charlotte NC 28214

Thank you for giving HOPE, one family at a time