Helping Outcomes for Parents of Exceptional Children




Dear HOPE Family:

HOPE is so pleased that you have decided to request assistance from HOPE. HOPE is a nonprofit program that was developed to support parents with children who have developmental disabilities. There is an understanding of the relationship struggles that exist with all couples but it seems to be amplified for parents with children who have developmental disabilities. HOPE believes when parents take time to focus on each other they become better parents for their children. HOPE also believes that spending time away from children together can promote a healthier relationship. HOPE wants to contribute to the survival and successes of relationships which will in turn bring about the best from children who have developmental disabilities.

Applicant must have a child with a developmental disability and be able to show proof.
Child with a developmental disability must live in home with applicant.

According to Public Law 106-402, a developmental disability:
Happens before the age of 22
Expected to last a lifetime
May be physical, cognitive or both
Limitations may exist in self-care, communication, learning, mobility, being able to work or live independently

Fill out application
Submit application to: 624 Belmorrow Dr. Charlotte NC 28214
HOPE application committee will review application within 90 days
Applicant(s) will be given response in writing

HOPE desires to assist as many families as possible. Therefore receiving funds can only be requested and received once per year.

The HOPE application review committee reserves the right to request additional information or use discretion when reviewing any application.

If you have any questions about the application process or HOPE requirements please feel free to contact HOPE at or 828-243-6171